Juan Carlos Osorio considers the MLS to be a retirement league


The head coach of the Mexican national football team Juan Carlos Osorio does not want to see Mexican players making a move to the American League the MLS, as the Mexican manager considers that league to be a place where performers go to retire and it’s not as competitive compared to others.

"I believe that when a footballer is in his peak he should play in Europe and not MLS. MLS is for the end of a career and not for when a footballer still has a lot to give." Mexico’s Juan Osorio said.

The problem that many Mexican players are facing is the fact that they simply aren’t good enough to perform in the top European clubs and simply prefer to make a move to the MLS where their chances of getting consistent playing time are much higher than in Europe and they will also get paid a hefty amount of cash for their contributions in the American League.

Guillermo Ochoa is a good example of this, a few years ago he was considered to be one of the best goal-keepers in Mexico when he performed with America but after making a move to the European side Malaga, he has had to settle with a place on the sidelines.

If Ochoa wants to save his career, his options would be to join another Europe club and hope that he doesn’t get dropped to the bench again or move to the MLS. Joining the Mexican League is another alternative but the MLS has more financial freedom so his wages will probably be higher in the MLS.

There are other players who are going through the same situation as Guillermo Ochoa and are considering the MLS as a viable football destination even though Juan Carlos Osorio does not approve of this decision.