Mexico and United States is Football Rivalry


Mexico and United States have a football rivalry which began as early as the 1930’s when both national teams faced off in a game that would decide which squad was going to earn their qualification ticket to the 1934 World Cup and this match was eventually won by United States as the American outfit claimed a 4-2 triumph.

Even though there is a big rivalry between the Mexican and American teams, the manager of the Mexican national side Miguel Herrera does not believe that it’s going to be a problem to see many of his players joining the Major League Soccer.

"That's a decision made only and exclusively by the player and his representatives. They should be looking for the best option possible, so long as the player is seeing the field.I've always said that MLS is growing, and every day it's much more solid, much stronger and more competitive, so it's an option for players, but it is they who have to decide in the end." Mexico’s Miguel Herrera said.

The MLS has been experiencing an immense growth in the past few years, especially after the 2014 World Cup when United States managed to make it past the group stages which was a surprise as the American side was pitted in a tough group where Germany, Portugal and Ghana were competing.

The quality of the MLS has experienced a significant increase as players are getting better every season which is something that the Mexican players in the team of Miguel Herrera can take advantage of and specifically now in the year of 2015 for Mexico as they have a very busy year filled with a number of top tournaments.

Copa America, Gold Cup and qualifying for the 2017 Confederations Cup are some of the major competitions that Miguel Herrera and his players will be competing in this year and getting matches in a league which is growing at such a rapid pace such as the MLS is a good way for the squad of Herrera to prepare themselves.