Former Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez has responded to the plan of the President of the United States Donald Trump to build a wall on the United States border.

Mexico strongly opposed the plan of the President of the US but the country’s national team captain brought in a new angle.

Marquez uploaded a clip online of him playing a free kick over a wall into the top corner of the net. The action has a metaphorical background that proves that they can surpass any ‘wall’ the US place.

The recently inaugurated president as sparked up a lot of protests and opposition within his first week in charge. Trump signed an executive order for “an impassable physical barrier” to be in place in the United States border as he lives up to his campaign promises. Many thought it funny but the president remains keen on tightening the immigration control he deems have affected the United States negatively.

Marquez, a Camp Nou legend, played for Spanish side Barce for seven years before he exited the team in 2010. He wrote on his Twitter handle: “There is no wall able to stop us if we believe in ourselves.”

He ended his post with a hastag #4ctitud which is an amendment of his shirt number 4. He wore the shirt number for Mexico and he did when he was with Barcelona.

The 37-year old player joined a host of Mexicans who has spoken against the wish of the US President. Trump also placed a temporary ban limiting nationals of seven predominantly Muslim states whom he accused of causing terrorism in the country. His actions have led to widespread protests almost every day since his inauguration.