Mexico Scrapes Qualifier


Mexico will be meeting Bosnia and Portugal in the final two friendly matches just before the World Cup. After having come close to being denied the opportunity to be in this competition, Mexico qualified at the last instance. No, they will be hoping to leave their mark in the competition by coming to form at just the right stage in the season. The Mexico manager, Miguel Herrera, has stated just before the start of the friendly matches that the Bosnia friendly encounter will be the most crucial of all.

He says that since this is just before the Portugal match, he is likely to use his best squad for this encounter. The Portugal match will be just 10 days before the World Cup and hence, he is likely to try out some of the reserve players in the squad. Miguel Herrera recently announced the 30 man squad for the World Cup. It features several international stars like Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez and Villarreal's Giovanni Dos Santos. One absence has been Real Sociedad striker Carlos Vela, who has pulled away from participation in the competition.

Herrera says that he has complete trust in the players he has picked for the squad. Mexico will be coming up against hosts Brazil in the group stages.

“It is a preparation match, practically the closing for us to go to Brazil, so it is going to be a very important match. Bosnia is a World Cup team as well and it is going to be a very interesting match for us. I think that it will be seen with a team that is 80 or 90% of the base that we are thinking of starting the first match of the World Cup. For that, it is going to be a very serious match and with the idea of preparing the team 100%,” said Herrera.