The organization of World Cup 2014 in Brazil saw a number of foreign people


The organization of World Cup 2014 in Brazil saw a number of foreign people coming to the country and while, most of them made their way just to support their favourite players; they explored the countryside as well and visited the famous places.

The maximum number of people came from Argentina which was obvious as it’s in the neighbourhood, but, if you see the number of people travelling in from the other countries which are not situated nearby Brazil, the countries from Europe, that number is quite high too.

And, the reviews coming from different quarters with people sharing the experiences of their stay during the World Cup and how they enjoyed their time, it seems Brazil has been really liked as a touring destination.

According to Mr. Henrique, who is in charge of the tourism department under the government of Brazil, it’s important to keep up with the high that Football World Cup has given to the Brazilian tourism and try and attract more and more tourists to the country in future.

Henrique, however, admitted that there are some structural matters which have to be taken into account and have to be dealt with in a professional way to continue the development of Brazilian tourism

Brazil has to host another sporting event in the latter part of 2016 and that’s the Olympic Games.

Foreigners would be pouring in for that event too and if Brazil provides the same sort of hospitality that they had provided one and half years back at the time of World Cup, it would further enhance Brazil’s reputation.

The Olympics games, in which a total of about 10 thousand sportspersons would be representing their respective nations, would begin in the first week of August and would take place in Rio, the capital city of Brazil.