Raul Jimenez has praised the impact of manager Juan Carlos Osorio


Mexican striker Raul Jimenez has praised the impact of manager Juan Carlos Osorio, as the national team look to qualify into the knockout stages of the Copa America.

The centenary edition of the Copa America is being held in North America. This is the first time the competition is going outside the shores of South America. For this reason alone, fans have been divided with regard to the opinion. However, that has not prevented teams from going out all guns blazing in order to try and win the tournament. Mexico will be one of the teams looking to win the centenary edition of the Copa America.

Juan Carlos Osorio took charge of the national team only eight months ago, butJimenez says that he has seen a lot of progress already. One of the good attributes of the manager according toJimenez is his attacking intent. Mexico are no longer trying to sit back when they have an advantage. Instead, they now try to press forward and score even more goals.Jimenez also claims that the manager comes up with a different training regimes depending on the opposition. He says that Mexico’s national team trained differently while preparing for games against Uruguay and Jamaica.

"He always tries to find a way to try to do damage to the opponent. He is very specific in his work, we have trained in a very different way for the game against Uruguay than Jamaica. He gives us the weak spots that [the opposition] may have and things that we also have to counter [in the opposition]. For everyone, in every position, there is an intense fight at the training sessions. These are Osorio's decisions, and whoever is better and fulfils his needs will take a spot in the starting line-up," said Mexican forward Jimenez.