Mexican national team manager José Manuel de la Torre has said that the Mexican fans should not be disrespectful of the United States National anthem when it is played. Mexico will be meeting the United States in a crunch World Cup qualifying match on Wednesday.

Mexico certainly need a victory from this match given that they have only managed draws in the previous two World Cup qualifying matches against Jamaica and Honduras. They were expected to take at least four points from these two matches, but a return of just two points has left the qualification hopes in tatters.

De la Torre has said that it is extremely bad when teams do not hear their national anthems when playing away from home. It is usually drowned amongst the chorus of boos from the home supporters. However, he has requested the Mexican fans to not follow the same example. Mexico have been extremely good when it comes to home matches in the World Cup qualifying. They have lost just three and drawn just one in more than 40 matches at the Estadio Azteca.
De la Torre expects this good run of form to continue on Wednesday as well. Mexico are currently fifth in the World Cup qualifying group table from the CONCAF region.

“I ask the fans to respect the national anthem of the away team It feels very bad to be in an away stadium in another country and not even hear the anthem, so if there is something I can ask, it is to respect the national anthem of the visitors,” said de la Torre. Former United States player Marcelo Balboa has said that playing at the Estadio Azteca is one of the toughest for any player due to the heat. “The [difficulty] of playing at the Azteca is that it’s hot, the factories have been on all week and the smog just sits on top of you," said Balboa.